Case Closed: Dita Von Teese wears Christian Louboutin’s Marie Antoinette shoes


Remember Christian Louboutin's Marie Antoinette shoes, and the bets we took on which celebrity would be seen in them first?

Well, all bets are off, because that first celebrity shoe-sighting has already happened, and the first person to pop her tootsies into the $6,000 shoes wasn't Victoria Beckham, as most of us thought, but none other than Dita Von Teese. Which actually seems really obvious, now we come to think of it, doesn't it?

Here she is, wearing the shoes in question to an L.A. Gay and Lesbian Centre event this week, and because Dita is super-special, M. Louboutin has even added the words "These are Dita's" to the platforms. So hands off, OK?

Another Case Closed.

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