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Case Closed: Amber Rose in Bless’ orange fox fur jacket

Amber Rose in orange jacket by BlessWhen we first brought Bless’s bright orange fox-trimmed jacket to your attention last August, we thought this was one fashion mystery that would have to remain unsolved, for surely no one would want to wear such an item – especially considering the fact that it comes with a $1,777 price tag?

As our mothers are always telling us, though, there really is something for everyone, and one woman’s crime of fashion is another woman’s Most Wanted. As if to prove that point, here’s Kanye West’s girlfriend, Amber Rose, wearing one of the aforementioned jackets in Paris last week. Looks like Amber missed the ‘Leggings Are Not Pants’ memo too, hmm?

Interestingly, one of our first reactions to this jacket last year was that it somehow looked like it had been Photoshopped – something we put down to way it had been photographed. Now we see it in “real life”, so to speak, though, it STILL looks Photoshopped. Just one of the many mysteries about this item, we suppose. Still, at least we can now close the case on the question “Who would WEAR this?”

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