Carrot leg jeans: just another way to say “mom jeans”?

Carrot_leg_jeans OK, Fashion Police Cadets, we need to talk about carrot leg jeans. In fact, we need to talk about the so-called "carrot leg" trend in general, because it’s everywhere right now, but that’s another post for another day. Right now we want to concentrate on the important issue of the carrot leg, as applied to jeans, such as these ones from Miss Selfridge.

We’re just going to come right out and say it: we think this is probably a Crime of Fashion.  Let’s see: the tapered leg (yes, you can call it "carrot" all you like, but that there is a tapered leg if ever we seen one), the slightly baggy hips, the pleated front….

They’re Mom Jeans, aren’t they? They’ve just given them a new name and thought we’d be fooled. Is the "carrot" leg fooling you, though, readers? Or are you seeing a Mom Jean, and a Crime of Fashion here, like we are?

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