Wanted! Long houndstooth cardigan from River Island


No, it’s not a coat, it’s a cardi – and that, my friends, is why I love it! I’ve talked before about how I’m the coldest person in the world, and how this means that in the winter months I’m usually forced to forget all about fashion and just concentrate on trying to stay warm. This is why cardigan-coats are my best friends. Much more comfortable and easy to wear than actual outerwear (although there have been times during particularly cold spells when I’ve walked around the house with my coat on), if you live in a cold climate, a good cardigan coat can be indispensable.

I particularly like this one from River Island because it’s smart enough to wear outside the house, too – ideal for overheated shopping malls, which are far too hot for actual outerwear I’d wear it on super-cold days with a black, skinny rib turtle neck and either leggings or skinny jeans. Yes, I’d look like I was wearing my coat indoors, but at least it would make a change from the hoodie and thermal vest combo I’m sometimes forced to adopt when it’s freezing out. £39.99 from River Island

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