Ask the Fashion Police: Can I wear capri pants with boots?

Capripants Dear Fashion Police,

I was rarely out of my black capri pants this summer, and I’m reluctant to give them up now that winter’s here. Can I wear them with boots, do you think, or is that a big fashion no-no?

~ Laura

Well, Laura, it’s a difficult one. To be completely honest, I think capri pants and boots can look a little bit odd, but if you want to wear them together, I have two pieces of advice for you:

1. Narrow capri pants : the wider ones will just flap around your calves, make your legs look short, and be generally a bit strange.

2. Long boots. Make sure there’s absolutely no flesh showing between boots and pants, even when you sit down.

Alternatively, you can always stick to the pants and get some long black socks to wear underneath.

What does everyone else think of capri pants and boots together?

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