Ugh, really ugly trousers …

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ugh, really ugly trousers

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H&M admit their swimwear models aren’t “real” women
I’m sorry but I didn’t know this was a secret, I mean i’ve only browsed the h&m website for a couple of and it was clear for me that the models were fake , same pose, same pout, same body , only the heads look different even the hairdo stays the same. I agree it can be a little misleading but these fakes models are actually bigger than real models in the other ads. I’m sure Freja Beha,Anja Rubik, Karlie Kloss (all used in h&m ads) don’t look like that in bikini, even ASOS models are slimmer so I don’t get why we are talking about impossible standards.

Kate Middelton wears Zara, has higher hemline than usual
Well I’m not sure if this was appropriate or not for the occasion but the dress suits her. More important : it’s age-appropriate. She’ s 28 (or 29 whatever) for pete’s sake, I was a little bored by her mumsy outfits but this one looks quite nice.

Style on Trial: Taylor Swift’s new ‘do
I don’t think she needs to change her haircut. Both curls and bangs suit her. However the thing that annoys about Taylor is her constant princess dresses( fluffy,tulle dresses),she’s always wearing the same thing. I just find it boring. Anyway if she likes them i guess she should wear them

Alexa Chung wins British Style Award for second year running
I think Alexa’s got some style but sometimes she dresses either like a granny or like a child. I’m not a big fan of her

Dita Von Teese Opens The New Cointreau Prive Pop-Up Bar
innocent, she looks fantastic

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