Capes: Coming to a pair of pants near you, soon

There’s a caped crusader in Fashionland, people, but before you start getting excited, let us just tell you that we’re pretty sure he’s using his powers for evil rather than for good. Well, it’s about time we had a new supervillain around here, wasn’t it? Especially seeing as so many of you insist that the Foot Snatcher should stay out of jail…

This latest villian takes the form of a cape. It’s not just any old cape, though. It’s a cape on a pair of trousers. Why would trousers need a cape? Your guess is as good as ours. What we DO know, however, is that the combination of cape + pants doesn’t come cheap. These Hakaan ‘Papaver’ trousers (We totally read that as “palaver” trousers when we first saw it, and we thought how appropriate it was…), for instance, will set you back $1,690.Now we just wish WE’D thought of it first.

What do you think? Are they innocent or are they guilty? What do you think of our latest caped crusader?

(Click here to buy them at Shopbop.)

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