Can’t make up your mind which winter coat to go for?

asymmetric coat in two colours

[Buy it here for $928]

For most of us, winter coats definitely fall into the category of “investment purchase” – and that means choosing one can be tricky.

Because winter coats tend to be one of the more expensive clothing purchases you make all year, and also because you know you’re going to be wearing whichever one you choose every day for weeks, you really don’t want to make an expensive mistake. But what style to choose? Should you go for Dull-But-Sensible black or navy: the workhorse coat, which will go with everything, but never really make you excited to wear it? Or should you go throw caution to the wind, with the Pop-of-Colour coat? Sure, it might clash with some of your wardrobe, but it’ll be a statement all on its own, and it’ll cheer you up ever time you look at at.

Of course, you COULD always get both, but if that seems a little too extravagant for you, rather than buying two separate coats, why not buy ONE coat in two different STYLES? Genius!

This orange and navy mix combines both the Dull-But-Sensible and the Pop-of-Colour Coats described above. It’s just… you only get HALF of each style: so one half of your body will be wearing the long, navy coat, and the other half will be wearing the short, orange version. It’s a compromise, in other words.

Is it a compromise you’d actually settle for, though? Well, considering that you could actually buy two cheaper coats for the price of this single hybrid coat – and wouldn’t end up looking like a victim of The Clothes Ripper in the process – we’re going to guess many of you will answer “no” to that one. Then again, many more of you are “edgy” and “unexpected”, and might just love the chance to prove it, with this unusual, and undoubtedly creative coat. And we have to say, we kinda like the navy strap on the back: does anyone else think it looks like the coat is putting its arm around the model’s waist? Awww!

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