Candice Boucher arrested by Fashion Police for shress-related offences at Cannes

Until today, The Fashion Police hadn’t even heard of Candice Boucher. Ah, yesterday! It was a more innocent time!

How the times have changed, though. Today, Candice finds herself at the very top of our Wanted list, and it’s all because of THIS dress:

We say “dress”. It’s … not really deserving of that title, is it?

Candice is clearly a young woman who likes attention. And as you can see from the top photo, in which the two gentlemen with her are trying very hard indeed to keep their eyes above the neck, at least, she’s pretty much succeeded in getting it. What a role model for our youngsters!

Let’s try to answer the question on everyone’s mind: Does Cher know Candice Boucher has broken into her wardrobe? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WEAR UNDER A DRESS LIKE THAT? Thankfully, our agency photographer was thoughtful enough to help us answer that question:

Actually, we think the photographer was enjoying thus a little TOO much, hmm? Anyway, we think that’s a nude thong we can see there. We are grateful for this small mercy.

We’re also grateful that it was her rather than us who had to wear this little number:

[Images: Pixplanete / PR Photos]

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