Can you be too old for fashion?


GOD, I feel old. Too old to wear this Topshop dress, anyway, because (whisper it) I’m not actually a product of the 80s…  and there is no "product of the 1970s" dress to replace it with – aaargh! So, all of this got me wondering: can you be too old for fashion? As a product of the decade that fashion forgot, should I now be starting to think about buying in a job-lot of elastic waist jeans and twinsets, or is there fashion life in the old dog yet? I mean, I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, but I’d still quite like to shop at Topshop and remain vaugely fashionable, thanks very much.

Then again, maybe it’s the dress that’s meant to be a product of the 80s, not the wearer?

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  • June 27, 2007


    Too old for fashion, huhn? Who decides that? Oh, you’re the fashion police, I guess you do. Well, I guess I’m going to have to break the “law”, because as long as you have a body with which to slip into fashions and the cash with which to pay for it, no you are not too old.
    Clothes are clothes. There is no age limit attached to these clothes and some of the clothes look better on some than others. The trick for everyone is to choose the clothes that look best on them, whatever those clothes may be. We should not be tethered to an age uniform.
    Who the hell says you can’t wear a mini after 35? What if you’ve got awesome legs and wearing minis is who you are, an expression of your individuality? There is something deeper going on with all these accusations flying about women being muttons dressed as lambs and women wanting to look hip but refusing to wear what is hip and available because they’re afraid to look like “teenagers.”
    Teenagers dress like members of different tribes. I’ve never seen an adult dressing like one, even an adult who was a supposed mutton dressed as lamb. Which according to some people I’ve spoken to includes such innocuous clothes as capris, tank tops, boot cut jeans, ankle bracelets and hoop earrings. What’s left? Gunny sack and a string of plastic pearls, I suppose.
    Anyway, the fact of the matter is to not look out of it you must follow what is happening at the moment. Otherwise you’re stuck in the past and that is unflattering and ageing. Why be a fashion dinosaur?
    What older women need is the happening clothes in forgiving cuts. They also need these marketers and society to stop focusing so much on age. One 40 year old is not the same as another and no one likes being told they are getting older and no one likes being told what they should wear either.
    Yes, the more outrageous clothes in my opinion should be left to the teens and twenty something’s, there are things I will never wear like extremely shrunken jackets, mini skirts, shorts, flesh belt shirts or belly shirts, message T’s, letters on the back of my sweats, ultra low riding jeans, or jeans with too many embellishments or torn jeans.
    I wouldn’t have worn that crap when I was a teen or twenty something. I have my standards and I know what looks good on my body. But if something’s the matter with me because I don’t prefer Mom’s jeans, and boxy jackets that look like they were made from upholstery, what a sad world.

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