Can a boilersuit be “sexy”?

ASOS lemon boiler suit

Boiler suits can be many things: saggy, shapeless, handy for when you’re painting the house, or working as a mechanic, say.

Can boiler suits ever be sexy, though, that is the question?

And ASOS think they have the answer:

So that’s a “YAY” from them. Good to know.

From us, though? Well, look: we all know that “sexy” can come in many different guises. It doesn’t have to be short, tight and low-cut to be “sexy”: in fact, sometimes covering up can ┬ábe the sexiest thing of all, and sometimes the woman in the plain old jeans and t-shirt can be the sexiest woman in the room, just because of the way she carries herself.

But this boiler suit. We’re not really seeing the “sexy”, we must admit.

Maybe if it was a different colour?

ASOS sexy boiler suit

Nope, we’re still not seeing it. We ARE seeing “pyjamas” now, though, so if that was the result they were after, we guess they’ve achieved it.

What about you, fashion jurors: do you think boiler suits can be sexy? Do you think THIS boiler suit is sexy? Or do you think boiler suits should just be burned, unless they’re being used for practical purposes? Like, er, boiling.

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