High Street Vs High-End | Camera clutch bags by Charlotte Olympia and Accessorize

camera clutch bags

They’re not identical, they’re not even the same type of bag (One’s a clutch, one’s a cross-body bag, but the latter could probably be carried like a clutch too, if you wanted to), but ultimately these are both bags designed to look like cameras, which makes us wonder:

Which is your favourite, and which would you buy?

The bag on the left is just £25 from Accessorize [buy it here]: it’s the cross-body version, but as we mentioned above, although it’s larger than the high-end option, you could probably tuck the chain inside and carry it clutch-style. It has a gold body with a matching strap, and is one of a few quirky clutches available at Accessorize right now. (We’re partial to the slice of lemon.)

The bag on the right, meanwhile, is by Charlotte Olympia [buy it here], and is much more expensive at £1,395. £1,370 more expensive, to be exact. Wow. In its (meagre) defence, those are Swarovski crystals on the “flash”, and it’s made from real leather, unlike the totally man-made Accessorize version, so if that justifies the extra cost to you, then so be it.

Does it, though? We really like both of these bags: they’re quirky and unusual, without being so over-the-top that you’d feel silly carrying them, and they’d add a nice, whimsical touch to an evening outfit. Which one would you buy, though? Is the high-end designer bag worth the price tag that’s attached to it, or would you rather save some cash (Well, a LOT of cash, let’s be honest…) and go for the cheap n’ cheerful high street version? Would you buy one of these AT ALL, come to think of it?

High street or high-end: which would you choose?

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