Cadillac or Christian Dior? How much would you pay for designer socks?

So, nice pair of socks, hmm? Thigh-high: very trendy. Love the ribbon. Look nice and cosy. Handy for wearing under over-the-knee boots, or even around the house, or to bed, in the dark depths of winter.

$500, though. Yep, that’s right: FIVE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. For socks. And why? Why this crazy-ass sock-price, we hear you ask? Surely the socks must be woven from the hair of unicorns, or have priceless diamonds sewn into the seams or something?

Nah. They’re 100% wool. Dammit, those fashion victims will do anything for a designer label, won’t they? Seriously, you could buy a secondhand car for that price! What would you choose, readers: a 1982 Cadillac DeVille, say, or… a pair of socks?

Let’s look at some other things you could buy for $519 or thereabouts:

A mini break in Paris! (OK, so this is assuming you’re flying from London, and you’re traveling alone, but still, if that’s not better than a lousy pair of socks, we don’t know what the world’s coming to.)

4.85 pairs of Topshop shoes!

(Assuming that each pair of shoes is £70. Buy cheaper, get more! Or, you know, GET SOCKS. Up to you!)

Finally, you COULD buy:

36 pairs of thigh-high socks from American Apparel! (model not included…)

Now, these don’t have the ribbon. And they don’t have the designer label. But you could add your own ribbon. And we hate to point it out, but once you’re actually wearing them, no one will know they’re “designer”, unless you go around pointing it out. Which would make you a giant douche, obviously.

Designer socks, then, or… something else? Which would you choose, readers?

(Wow, socks must be REALLY important to some people, no?)

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