Style on Trial: Button-up tights from Wolford


Multi-tasking tights! They’re just what the world has been waiting for, surely!

These button-up cable-knit tights by Wolford can be worn any way you want them: knee high, thigh-high, full length, or just as a pair of big, wooly knickers. It’s certainly an interesting idea, and don’t get us wrong, we don’t hate them – it’s just that we know without doubt that were these to find their way into the Fashion Police wardrobe, we’d still only ever wear them as full-length tights – and find ourselves cursing the gappy bits at the knees and thighs every time we did.

What do you think of them? A good idea, or just a bit pointless, really? And does the fact that they’re £139 change your mind at all?

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