Do you wear… butt-enhancing knickers?

Butt_ehancing_knickersBy now it should come as no surprise to anyone that butt-enhancing knickers exist. They’ve been around for a long time now, after all, but here’s the strange thing about that: we’ve still yet to meet anyone who actually wears them. Or who admits to wearing them, anyway, which may be a totally different thing. And so we ask: who is buying the butt-enhancing knickers? Is it you? How about you? And what do you think of them, if you do? Do you wear them every day, or is it just a “special occasion” thing? Are they comfortable or does it feel, as the above picture seems to suggest, a little “bouncy” when you sit down?

Excuse all the questions: we’re just generally curious about this because, despite not exactly being blessed in the buttock department, these are something it’s just never occurred to us to buy. If it has occurred to you, but you just haven’t gotten around to buying a pair yet, though, the ones pictured are the Esbelt Better Bum Pant (!) and are £30 at ASOS. Let us know what you think of them though, won’t you?

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