The Butt Bra by Bikini – makes your butt look better, apparently

Buttbra Don’t hit that “back” button – you haven’t stumbled onto some bondage lingerie site by mistake, this is, in fact, a fashion item, given that it’s a piece of lingerie designed to flatter, not to … well, you know. And while it may not look particularly flattering in this picture (or, indeed, in any of the pictures of it on the website), that’s OK, because it’s not actually supposed to be on show. Phew!

This is Bikini’s “butt bra”, designed to lift up your buttocks, giving you a pert, J. Lo-esque shape under your clothes – and if you think this picture’s bad, wait until you see the Maniki ( maybe wait until you get home before you click on the link). Is it just me, or does that thing look like it’d be really uncomfortable, perky butt or not?

Bikini  say this really does work, though, and they have the testimonials to prove it, so I guess the question is, “Who wants to be the first to try it out?”
Butt cleavage. It’s the kind of fashion crime we never tire of fighting – especially when it’s seen poking out of the back of a pair of low-slung jeans. But there are those who would defy us on the issue of butt cleavage, and, indeed, try to create even more of it, using special “butt cleavage” panties to show off even more of what the rest of us prefer to keep hidden.

These are now being touted by some as the latest trend in lingerie, and hopefully will be kept hidden under clothes by those who want to wear them. Personally we think this is one of those situations where some things are best left to the imagination, but if you disagree, you’ll find some uncensored images under the jump…

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