Lol it’s like one of those customizable t-shirts XD I’m …

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lol it’s like one of those customizable t-shirts XD I’m half expecting to see a calendar on the back or something

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This is the most expensive t-shirt in the world
lol some rich people must be desperate to spend their money XD

U.F.O: Unidentified Fashion Object

Celebrity Style: Carey Mulligan in red Roland Mouret at the London Film Critics’ Circle Awards
and why not? as a celebrity, you’re invited to a million and one of these events. I know I wouldn’t give two s**ts about dressing up so much, as much as I love fashion. And that goes for real life too – there are no rules other than looking presentable.

Jason Wu for Target lookbook: your thoughts?
What? Didn’t Topshop et al. have these exact same clothes for sale a few years back? there’s nothing innovative here..

Gareth Pugh and the incredible inflatable dress
For those times when you feel like your thighs are just too thin…

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