Burberry’s new Warrior handbag costs £13,000 – and it’s not even particularly nice.


Fashion fans, meet the bag currently being described as the next ‘It’ bag. It’s the Burberry Warrior, and the version shown above, in gold alligator skin (you know, from gold alligators?) is priced at a trifling £13,000  (Which is more than I used to earn in a year in my first job as a newspaper journalist). Despite the high price tag, there’s already a waiting list, according to The Telegraph ,who say the bag "may well be the ultimate in arm-candy".

The question is: why?

Why is this bag so special? Could it be… the price tag? I’m certainly not convinced it’s the design, which, although inoffensive enough, isn’t worth selling the car for, as far as I can see. The use of exotic skins, on the other hand, may well cause offense, but I don’t think it’s that either that’s causing people to put their name down on waiting lists.

No, I’m pretty sure it’s the price tag. I think this is the latest in a growing line of handbags that become coveted purely because they’re expensive, because I just can’t see what it is about the design that would justify spending £13,000 on this bag. Can you?

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