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Bruce Oldfield goes down in world, designs McDonald’s staff uniforms

Mcdonalds From the Princess of Wales to Ronald McDonald – oh, how the mighty are fallen today!

Actually, we exaggerate: fashion designer Bruce Oldfield was, indeed, a favourite of Diana, Princess of Our Hearts, but he hasn’t quite made the leap to designing clown costumes for McDonald’s most famous staff member. Almost, though.

Oldfield was called in to revamp the staff uniforms of McDonald’s staff in the UK after it was discovered that, actually, baggy dungarees and baseball caps aren’t such a great look after all. The baseball caps are still there for the checkout workers, but there are also suits for the guys and a "air stewardess" look for the girls, with A-line skirts and neck scarfs. McDonald’s chief people officer David Fairhurst thinks the blouses, meanwhile, look "a bit like Louis Vuitton". Hmmm.

We’re going to let you judge for yourself. Take a look at the new McOutfits here, then come back and tell us what you think of them. Are you lovin’ it?

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