Britney Watch: Visible bra again- classy


(Britney’s assistant thinks: "Oh God, please don’t let her want to swap outfits with me, please don’t let her want to swap outfits with me…)

Sometimes I wonder if there’s any point in continuing to apprehend Britney Spears for her crimes of fashion. She’s such a persistent re-offender that barely a day goes by without some eye-wateringly awful ensemble, and there are days when I wonder if we shouldn’t just let her get on with that there downward spiral. But then, just as I start to think that, Britney will sink to new, as yet uncharted depths of style, and I’ll realise that while the woman clearly will never be stopped, the least we can do is keep a close eye on her.

As it happens, this isn’t even the worst outfit our Brit’s come out with lately. I mean, she may as well just have gone out in her underwear, no? Oh wait, she already did that one...

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