Britney Watch: Still as subtle and as classy as ever


It’s been a long time since we’ve done a Britney Watch, mostly because the downward-spiral that is Britney’s life just became too depressing to watch, never mind write about. I’m bringing this picture to your attention today, though, because it illustrates – albeit imperfectly – one of my pet fashion hates: the Offensive Slogan Sweater.

I know it’s hard to see, but the writing on Britney’s boobs here says "F*ck Off Loverboy!" Which is, you know … nice. Always a bad idea to wear clothes baring words you wouldn’t want your children to read, kids. Or to wear anything Britney would wear, obviously. And the downward spiral continues…

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Britney Watch: Short shorts, see through shirt


It’s been a while since we last had a Britney Watch – not because Britney’s suddenly started dressing well (there’s more chance of LiLo becoming a nun), but because for a long time now she’s been dressing badly in the same way. You know, the strained dresses, the ratty wig, the tatty looking old scarf, the flesh hanging out of whatever she happens to be wearing. Poor Brit.

This outfit, though, while far from the worst thing we’ve ever seen Britney in, illustrates one of my fashion pet hates : shorts so short that the lining of the pockets is visible. WHY? Why do people do this? Do they think we all want to see their pockets, or is it just part of a whole "gee, lookit how skimp my shorts are!" thing? Skirts aren’t exempt, either: only this weekend I saw a girl wearing a denim mini so short that it was essentially just two pockets on a belt. I say to her as I say to Britney now: get dressed. Please. You’re giving us way too much information here…

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