Dayum…those are ugly. poor britney. she really looks like crap …

Comment on Britney Spears finds footwear that’s even uglier than Uggs by kt.

dayum…those are ugly. poor britney. she really looks like crap huh?

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Crime of Fashion: Derek Lam’s drop waist mini dress
the sad thing is, people will probly buy this and think they look good just b/c it is derek lam. some people just dont seem to get that just b/c its expensive, doesnt make it any less ugly

Crime of Fashion: Are these $4175 Balenciaga shoes the ugliest footwear ever made?
okay some designers work can be chalked up to creative genius. and it’s really cool, even if you’d never wear it. but these are just a strange abuse of power.

Help Brooke Hogan! Buy her a new pair of jeans!
good grief. some people really make me wonder if they honestly look in the mirror before they go out in public and think that they look good. HOW HOW HOW in the world can she think that resembles anything close to cool, decent, normal, etc.etc.?

Crime of Fashion: Just when we thought Crocs were as bad as it got, here come the Cloggens…
THANK YOU! It seems like effing EVERYONE is wearing those and i’m like ‘no. how can you do it? they’re ugly.” yet it seems like you are the only person on the planet who agrees with me. One can only hope this is a quickly passing fad. I mean they’re gardening shoes. Ugly gardening shoes. Half the people wearing them don’t even garden. And even if they did, they still shouldn’t wear those shoes.

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