Britney Spears to take fashion tips from Katie Holmes


It seems The Fashion Police aren’t the only ones to have been impressed by Katie Holmes and her new look  recently. No, a certain Britney Spears has been watching TomKat with interest, and now it seems our Brit wants a piece of Katie for herself – or a piece of her style, anyway.

""I like clothes. But I like to be comfortable, too," says Britney. (WHO KNEW?!) "Katie always looks so cute in her Armani and Manolo Blahnik stuff. I’m gonna go for that vibe and all the trimmings."

So, is Britney about to do a Katie and get all chic on us? Well, being the curmudgeonly old cynics that we are, we’re going to guess "no". But you can be sure that if she does, The Fashion Police will let you know.

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