They’ve got the shape around the ankle quite close to …

Comment on Style on Trial: Bright pink platform ‘America’ boots from Topshop by Weirdo Finn.

They’ve got the shape around the ankle quite close to optimal and they’re sleek enough – a definite winner even if not a must have.

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Frankenshoes: Zaha Hadid and Lacoste join forces
Totally matching with my shiny superhero costume. If I’d ever get one.

Case Closed: Claire Merry wears Pam Hogg’s ‘Space Girl’ jumpsuit
One can *never* be dressed wrong in a uniform. Then it’s just a question of whether that is a uniform; to me it looks like one, unlike the normal skinsuits and jumpsuits we hate to see.

Wear or Die: Yellow and green should never be seen
That yellow thing has, in a clever way with the shoulder straps (or what’d ever they could be called), made the drop crotch look like it were a part of a dress and not pants…

eBay Under Arrest: See-through stiletto knee boots
They’re designed for some fetishists and might be good at only that. Knee high versions of the same type hold their form and seductiveness better, imo.

Lanvin make prosthetic legs, whoops, we mean “boots”
Strange, but sexy. The shape of the boots looks great.

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