Style on Trial: Bright pink platform ‘America’ boots from Topshop

Pink_bootsIt’s kind of a cross between a pink Doctor Marten and one of those stiletto Timberland boots that used to give us nightmares a couple of years back, isn’t it? And we’re not sure what it was that made Topshop decide to call these “America“, but we can tell you they’re available in black, white and brown as well as the colour we think of “pepto pink” and are £85.

We find it hard to see past the pink here, and we’re not particularly fond of lace-ups at the best of times. Both of these issues are possibly clouding our vision (well, those and the fact that we can totally imagine Agyness Deyn in them, and that’s usually a good indication that we’ll hate something), which is why we’re turning this decision over to you, readers.

Are they a crime of fashion? Should we convict or acquit?

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