Style on Trial: Bright pants – J Crew Café Capri

Bright pants by J Crew

If you’re not loving the current trend for bright pants, we can only hope that you’ve made arrangements to move to somewhere without internet access and/or fashion victims for the foreseeable future. These things are EVERYWHERE. Red pants, blue pants, yellow, purple and green pants. It really doesn’t matter what colour they are: what matters is that they’re BRIGHT.

J Crew’s Café Capri trousers are just one example of the bright pant trend, and we think they’re a pretty good one: they’re tailored, they’re slim-cut, they hit, as the name  suggests, right at the ankle, allowing them to be worn with a great pair of shoes without hiding them.

What do you think of them, though, that’s what we want to know? Do you love them, hate them, just not care? Tell us!

(These particular pants are £103 at J Crew, but if that sounds like a bit too much, don’t despair: we’ve spotted similar looks at most of the usual high street stores – check out ASOS and Topshop for starters…)

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