Bread Shoes: wear ’em then eat ’em

Bread shoes

Bread shoes

At frst we thought this HAD to be a joke, but no: it turns out that someone is actually making and selling shoes made out of bread, and selling them for 30 euros /$44 too, which is just… well, let’s just say we kinda wish we’d thought of it first, because if we’d known there were people willing to pay £26 for bread, we’d have paid more attention in home economics.

The bread shoes are sold by Da Da Da, and are made from real bread, so you can either eat them, wear them, or wear them, THEN eat them, if you can bear the thought of eating your own shoes, in which case you clearly have a stronger stomach than we do.

The 30 euro charge includes shipping and handling, and the shoes are available here.


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