Braza’s ‘Reveal’ bra – double sided sticky tape for the boobs

Braza_reveal_bra Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman – particularly those times when we’re forced to stick two large pieces of sticky tape to our boobs just to hold them up in a backless or low-cut dress…

Braza’s ‘Reveal’ bra does pretty much what it says on the tin – it "reveals" as much of your breast as is humanly possible, relying on double-sided tape to keep your clothes in place while it lifts and holds from above.

This isn’t recommended for anyone larger than a 38C, but if you’re smaller than that, you can pick one up at Amazon for $8. We’re sure this isn’t the case, but every time we look at it, we think of the painful sensation of ripping off a sticking plaster.

Anyone tried it?

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