Fashion Trends: boyfriend cardigans


Boyfriend, grandad, longline – whatever you want to call them, and whichever male family member you’re supposed to look like you stole it from, this is the style of cardigan we’ve been seeing most of this year. This is good news as far as The Fashion Police are concerned, because the boyfriend cardigan is comfy, cosy and versatile, looking good thrown on casually over jeans or open and belted at the waist over a dress. We love that slouchy, menswear-inspired look, and if you do too, you’ll find links to the four boyfriend cardigans above at the bottom of the page. Or you could just nick one from your boyfriend/grandad…

L-R: Long boyfriend cardigan, $29.98, Alloy; Long pocket cardigan, £49.50, Gap; South long sleeve cardigan, £9, Littlewoods direct; boyfriend cardigan with self-tie belt, £22, Oli


  • May 29, 2008


    I’m afraid this isn’t a trend I can get into. Firstly because I’m old enough to remember this trend first time round in the 80’s when we all stole our dad’s cardies, and secondly because I’m 5 foot tall (well short actually) and on the plump side of curvy. If I wear one of these without a belt I just end up looking like a colourful dumpling, and with a belt I look like someone’s frumpy grandma. Mind you I do have a 5’10” super-slim friend who would look fab in one!

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  • August 18, 2008


    I think it will grow on me.

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