Boots-Pretending-to-Be-Socks: Luichiny’s ‘Annabel’ boots


OK: you didn't think Vivienne Westwood's Granny Strap Boots looked too much like socks, so we've removed them from the list of known Footwear Imposters. We don't think there can be much disagreement about Luichiny's 'Annabel' boots, however: these are boots-pretending-to-be-socks if ever we saw them – in fact, they were one of the ringleaders of the Imposter movement, so we're glad to have been able to finally bring them to justice.

These are an older style, but there seem to still be a lot of them around – we wonder why? If you like them, they're now on sale for just $48.95, and you can buy them here.

[Thanks to Sarah for the report!]

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