Boots that look like socks: ‘Adhara’ by Stella McCartney for Addidas


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but to my mind, boots should look like boots, shoes should look like shoes and socks should look like socks. So, conversely, socks should not look like boots, shoes should not look like socks, and boots should not look like socks with shoes stuck to the ends of them. Stella McCartney, are you listening to this?

Actually, what bothers me most about these isn’t the fact that it’s a boot masquerading as a shoe/sock combo – as bad as that is. No, it’s the fact that each boot looks like it has an identity bracelet or one of those alcohol-drug monitors strapped to the top. Has the DUI culture in Hollywood become so prevalent, then, that we need footwear with built-in alcohol monitors? And if so: do you think we can blame Lindsay Lohan for it?

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