Bootie Pies: peep toe Ugg style boots for pedicures

Bootie_piesWe’re actually weeping here.

We had started to reconcile ourselves to the peep toe boots, in all their many forms.  We just don’t think we can reconcile ourselves to these, and that’s even given the fact that these "Bootie Pies" do actually have a purpose and aren’t actually supposed to be worn as fashion items. (You just know someone out there will wear them that way, though, don’t you?)

The purpose of the "Bootie Pies" is to allow you to have a pedicure in a cold climate without smudging your nail polish. Of course. They come with a parent leather removable toe-cap, which is every bit as fugly as it sounds, which you remove once you get to the salon, to allow access to your toes. With your pedicure complete, you then pop the toe cap in your bag and head off home, wearing the boots as shown in the picture to the left.

Yes, it’s a practical idea, we’ll give it that. Have you spotted the fatal flaw yet, though? The fatal flaw is that you have to walk home looking like you’re wearing a pair of peep toe Uggs. And to do that, gentle readers, is to risk Fashion Police arrest for sure.

Personally, we’d much rather wait for the nail polish to dry, no matter how long it took, or just make do with DIY pedicures at home. If you think a Bootie Pie is the answer to your prayers, however, they’re $128 and you can buy them here.

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