I prefer boot-cut, and with my current curves (ahem!), skinny …

Comment on Bootcut jeans are more popular than skinnies, says eBay by Karen.

I prefer boot-cut, and with my current curves (ahem!), skinny jeans would look absolutely foolish on me. I wear straight-leg occasionally though, and I don’t think they’re only good for models. I’m far from being a model, but I wear them when I want to look more current, or for a slightly more finished look, like a compromise between tight skinnies & loose boot-cuts. They don’t look straight on me though, but they don’t look tapered or flared at all either.

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Style Trial: Pointed toes on shoes
Not for me. My feet are wide at the front too, so they usually pinch, but even when they don’t, I feel like an elf every time I try them on. I’ll never say never, but right now, I don’t expect I’ll be buying any in the near future. I have seen some that I like on other people though, but more often than not, they’re too 80’s for me.

Sweater Pants: not for shrinking violets
Yikes! Setting aside the transparency of the black ones, the white ones make me cringe, because they look like gauze bandages, and remind me of the disposable stretch underwear you get in the hospital (especially after you deliver a baby) when you lack the convenience of someone bringing you extra pairs of your own knickers from home.

Style Trial: Prada’s ‘Smoking’ Sandals
100% fashion crime. As if smoking wasn’t bad enough, here’s Prada trying to bring it back into glamour? Why not just velcro some hand grenades on the toes?

The Non-Cover-Up: Mark Fast Mesh And Fringe Dress With Halter Neck
Daylight Robbery, for sure!

Also, if it’s intended to be worn as a beach cover-up, why, oh why, isn’t it modelled with a swimsuit? (unless the shorts shown are actually intended to indicate a topless swimsuit? shudders!)

Jennifer Lawrence goes for gold at The Hunger Games premieres. Both of ’em.
Gah! I think the one on the left is FAR more flattering (the halter neck with the black band at the waist).

I think the one on the right looks like it was made with gold foil and a pair of scissors. It kind of reminds me of the duct-tape prom challenge. I think it looks cheap overall (literally & figuratively) and even gives her a pooch-effect that I’m sure her figure doesn’t deserve.

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