High Street Hero: Topshop’s bodycon midi dresses

Meet our latest High Street Hero, Fashion Police Officers: Topshop’s bodycon midi dresses:

bodycon midi dresses

Bodycon midi dresses, Topshop

We say “TOPSHOP’S bodycon midi dresses”: this style is currently available all over the high street, and we’ve picked Topshop purely because:

a) They’ve been selling this style of dress for a few months now, and have produced an impressive variety of colours and prints.

b) We can personally recommend them, having been sucked in by the lure of the bodycon midi dresses ourselves.

As you can see, these dresses may all meet the general description of “bodycon midi dresses”, but that’s about ALL they have in common: have a quick browse around the internet, and you’ll find them in every colour and print imaginable, as well as in a range of different sleeve styles, from cap-sleeve to long-sleeve to no-sleeve-at-all.

This versatility is the main reason we’ve nominated these dresses as High Street Heroes: not only can you find them in almost every colour, you can adapt them to just about every occasion, too. Add heels and jewels for a dressed-up evening look; boots and cardis for a warm, winter feel; sneakers and a denim jacket for laid-back spring style, or a pair of beat up Doc Martins and a flannel shirt if you fancy  going grunge.

Don’t be put off by the word “bodycon” here, either. While it’s true that not everyone is going to love the figure-hugging style of these dresses, the midi length and high neckline makes them fairly easy to wear. Try going up a size or adding an extra layer, such as a cardigan or shirt over the top if you’re feeling particularly self-conscious. Think the midi length will be more like ankle-length on you? Another reason we nominated Topshop for this award is that they also do these dresses as part of their petite range, making them suitable for shorter women, too.

Finally, one of the most important qualities of a High Street Hero is an affordable price tag: these start from £25, and you’ll find all of the dresses pictured, plus a few more besides, at Topshop.

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