25% off at Boden & what to buy

Boden discount codes

Boden discount codes are amongst the most sought-after on the internet (and here at Fashion Police HQ especially), so a 25% off sale is reason to rejoice, indeed. This one is also reason to get your skates on (not literally, we hasten to add) because this one is a sale of diminishing returns: the 25% off is only valid until this Thursday, then it decreases to 15% off until Saturday 29th, and then 10% on the final day – Sunday 30th. So if you want to get the item you want, AND the full discount, you’re probably going to want to get it NOW: because just think how much you’re going to hate yourself when you wait until Sunday, only to realise you’re only getting 10% off, and everything’s sold out, anyway. Well played, Boden, well played…

As for what to buy with that super-special discount, meanwhile, may we recommend this little lot?

Boden Marisa dress

Boden Marisa dress

We’ve had our eye on this for a while now: it’s very ‘Jackie O’ inspired, with that boatneck top and knee-length skirt, and as an added bonus, it has sleeves – yay! This would make a great workwear dress, but it could easily be dressed up for evening, too. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, meanwhile…

Boden boatneck ruched dress

Boatneck ruched dress

You just can’t go wrong with a simple black jersey dress – and although we’ve described this one as more laid back than the previous one, it’s ALSO very much a dress up / dress down piece: wear with tights and boots for a casual look, or heels and jewels for evening.


Boden 'Lovely' jumper

Boden ‘Lovely’ jumper

We’ve been seeing this slogan sweater all over Instagram lately, so we’re not surprised to find that there aren’t many sizes available, but you might just get lucky and find yours, AND get that 25% discount. See you on Instagram, if you do…

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