Style SOS: Can you wear black shoes with white socks?

“Is it wrong to wear black shoes with white socks?”

This question was submitted last week, and we were actually quite surprised to realise we hadn’t already addressed this subject. Although it might surprise some of you to hear it, in “real life” (i.e. when we’re not playing at being Fashion Police officers on the Internet) there are actually very few style-related “crimes” that really bother us.

This, however, is one of them:

black shoes with white socks

Socks and shoes: ASOS

This particular photo is actually a slightly lesser crime than that involving black dress shoes, white athletic socks and a dark suit of some description, but the principle is the same. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, wearing high heels or flats, whether your socks are frilly or plain: as far as we’re concerned, black shoes with white socks is always going to be a crime of fashion.

Actually, we’ll take this one step further and admit that we’re not fans of white socks AT ALL. White socks are something that should only be worn (in our opinion) with sneakers, by people who’re working out or playing sports… or maybe by those super-cute young girls who have a very cutesy, often Lolita-inspired style, and who can get away with wearing frilly ankle socks with heels. Or, of course, by the late, great Michael Jackson.

For anyone else, though? With black shoes, you wear black socks. Or some other colour of socks, if you must (we’d recommend a colour similar to the shade of your shoes or pants). This is particularly the case with dress shoes, which are instantly cheapened by a flash of white socks when their wearer sits down: that brilliant white (or worse: grubby white…) will draw attention to itself, and has the power to ruin an otherwise awesome outfit. Our rule of thumb:

White socks are for sports, not for suits (or dresses, or any other kind of non-athletic outfit) .

As with all of our proclamations, however, we feel the need to stress that this is just our opinion, and, like everything else, it comes down to a matter of personal taste. You won’t actually get arrested for wearing black shoes with white socks… but you may well get a few odd glances from those who agree with us that this is a great way to look like you got dressed in the dark.

We’re interested to hear what our readers think of this one, though, so tell us:

Are black shoes with white socks a crime of fashion?

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