Dress of the Day: Black Halo’s ‘Maureen’ dress

Black_halo_dress Yes, it’s yet another Black Halo dress. We’ll stop making them Dress of the Day when they stop creating dresses that make us wish we were richer so we could just buy then all and have done with it.

This is another one for the “simple but stunning” files. There’s been rather a lot of these around lately, and the current economic climate is making many of us more likely to invest in something classic that will last for years rather than the kind of dress that will make jaws drop, but be so distinctive that you’ll only ever wear it once.

This definitely falls into the first category: different accessories will give it a different look, meaning that even although the price tag is $385, you’ll be able to get the cost-per-wear much lower than that.

It’s available to order now at Chic Downtown.

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  • November 26, 2008


    I do love “simple but stunning.” Very nice!

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