Fraud Squad: Black Halo Vs. Arden B cami dresses

Black_halo_arden_bThis is one occasion where we’d much rather splurge on a designer dress than save money on the cheaper copy…

We love Black Halo’s $345 Cami Dress – in fact, we loved it so much back in February that we even made it our Dress of the Day – but even although Arden B’s Ruffle Front Duet Dress is a fraction of the price at $128, we think this one would be worth coughing up the extra for: is it just us, or is the skirt on the Arden B dress just that bit too short to make it a worthy alternative?

Still, if the shorter skirt meets with your approval, this dress will give you the same basic look as the more expensive Black Halo version. Which one would you buy?

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