Bizarre jeans/legwarmers/stirrup pants love triangle


We bet some of you would have come leaping to the defense of this particular Crime of Fashion, and would have kept on arguing their corner right up to the point where we reveal that these are not cropped jeans worn with a pair of "quirky" leg-warmers, as you were probably thinking, but are, in fact the secret lovechild of jeans, leg warmers and stirrup pants. Yes, we know that doesn’t even make sense, but then, neither do these, and what we’re trying to tell you here is that the jeans are attached to the leg warmers, which are attached to the stirrups, and that’s just all kinds of wrong. In fact, we wouldn’t even be surprised to find out that the whole lot is attached to the shoes…

The anonymous Fashion Police cadet who sent this in didn’t tell us where these were from, sadly, but if you’ve seen them on your travels through t’interweb, feel free to drop us a comment. Then we’ll know which store to avoid.

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