Dress of the Day: Bill Blass Bubble Hem Dress


If you’re going to be buying a black cocktail dress, chances are you’re going to want it to possess some kind of stand-out detail to set it apart from… well, from all the other black cocktail dresses in the world. Well, this dress by Bill Blass certainly has that stand-out detail, in the shape of the dramatic bubble hem. The bodice shape, however, is fairly classic, which means you can get away with the extravagant skirt without feeling like you’re playing dress up. Nice with a narrow waist belt, to give it a pop of colour, you’ll find it at Net-a-Porter for £3515. * Gulp *


  • June 1, 2008


    this dress looks like it may be potentially hot, maybe a little prom-like tho… but I am totally sick of seeing the dress of the day not being shown on a model, it makes it really hard to tell how cute it might actually be!!!!

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  • June 2, 2008


    I love this dress, but it´ll never be mine.

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