Big Labels don’t always spell effortless style: Allegra Hicks gets it way off: Guest Post from Une Very Stylish Fille

Pinkdress Une Very Stylish Fille writes…

When I think of designer fashion, I feel a pang of longing in my stomach. Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means a fashion lovey, but sometimes those handstitched details and gorgeous fabrics are just calling out to a girl like me. But then there’s the ever present "What were you thinking? AT THAT PRICE?" moments.

If there’s one dress I’ve seen of late that sums up my ill feelings towards the hype around labels, it’s this pink tent by Allegra Hicks. What would any stylish girl wear this with? Marigold gloves is my only mental picture, and at £350 you wouldn’t want to risk it with the kitchen cleaner, would you?

From the putrid salmon pink shade, to the string vest cut-offs for trim, this shapeless number is everything wrong with high end fashion – big names tell girls it must be stylish, even when wearing it makes you look like you veered off from a local sack race.

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