Designer Dupes: Bi-colour dresses by Stella McCartney and Mango

Dresses by Stella McCartney and MangoWe’ve seen this Stella McCartney dress (£1,128 at Saks) on the likes of Kate Winslet and other celebrities, but if that price tag has you reaching for the smelling salts, worry not, because we’ve tracked down a Designer Dupe at Mango, for a less frightening £44.99.

No, no-one is going to to mistake it for the original: the side panels are navy rather than black, the length is shorter, and the bust less fitted, but the overall look is similar and, like its designer doppelgänger, it should help create the illusion of an hourglass figure, even if you don’t actually have one.

Just do us a favour, and wear better shoes with it?

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