On Trial: Beyonce’s patterned mini dress

Beyonce Oh, for the love of Dog, someone please tell me we’re not still wearing sack-like shift dresses? I’d really hoped we could have left that fashion far behind us, in the winter of 2006, but if Beyonce here is anything to go by, it’s still going strong.

Now, personally I think that if a dress can make even Beyonce look like she just might be pregnant, then that dress is a good one to avoid. Then again, maybe she’s just trying to cash in on the current trend for "being heavily pregnant but denying it for months, as if anyone actually cares." (Yes, J.Lo and Christina, I am looking at you…)

What do you think of this dress? I don’t think it’s bad enough to count as a crime of fashion, but then, I don’t think it’s doing her too many favours, either, do you?

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