Betsey Johnson multi bang cotton lycra skins: say what?

When did we start calling leggings “skins”? Is that a thing now? Seriously? Is it a fashion victim thing, like “bang on trend” and “rocking”?

Or does the word “skins” specifically refer to leggings that look like THIS:

OK, let’s talk about this for a minute. Let’s address the elephant in the room. Or the “skins” in the room, rather.

This is totally perplexing to us. Why would you want to have to tie your leggings to your legs? Under what strange set of circumstances would you look at a pair of leggings and think, “You know, I don’t think these are quite ugly enough. I wish they would wrap around the leg and tie at the ankle. We could call them “skins”!”

This is the thought process that must have gone on inside Betsey Johnson’s head. (Note: this is nothing like the thought process that went on inside Betsey Johnson’s head. We made it up. We have to say that in case we get sued.) Except, in Betsey’s case, the thought ended with the revelation, “We could charge almost $200 for them!”

We don’t know whether to admire this kind of evil¬†genius, or to fear it. Either way, we think we’ll probably arrest it. If you want to get the skins out of jail, you’ll have to click here and post bail to the value of ¬£118.

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