Best of the Fashion Police: Stirrup tights


Back in the days before leggings became commonplace again, and sock horrors had yet to achieve the sheer level of ugliness they so easily attain these days, came the stirrup tights. Note the phrase "tights" – these aren't leggings you're looking at, they're hosiery. Flesh coloured hosiery. With a stirrup on the bottom.

Presumably designed to allow us to keep our legs respectably covered (perhaps for the office?) while still allowing our feet to breathe,  The Fashion Police were unconvinced that there could ever be a good reason for them to even consider wearing this. And we still are – unconvinced, that is. Are you?


  • July 1, 2009


    Do pantyhose really stifle your feet so much that you need to purchase a pair without?

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  • July 4, 2009


    As a child in the early 90s I had a pair of stirrup leggings and, as I recall, I loved them. I believe they were some hideous shade of fuschia.

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