Best Dressed of the Week

Best Dressed of the Week at The Fashion Police

As the week draws to a close, it’s time to put on your Fashion Police Juror hats, and decide which celebrity was the Best Dressed of the Week.

To crown your Queen of Style, all you have to do is take a look at the images before and decide whether the celebrity in the photo is Innocent or Guilty of committing crimes of fashion. You vote on a sliding scale, with 10 being the highest possible fashion accolade, and 1 being the mark of a true fashion criminal. Once a few of you have voted, the contestants will automatically be ranked in a list at the bottom of the post (or that’s the idea, anyway!), with the Best Dressed of the Week appearing at the top of the list. Of course, this list will continue to be updated the more votes each contestant gets, so the Best Dressed could change – and it could be your vote that does it.

For this contest, we’ve selected a totally random selection of celebrity fashion photos from the week just gone. We’re not saying any or all of these celebrities are deserving of the ‘Best Dressed’ title: that’s for you to decide, so we’ve simply collated the mugshots and presented them for you in this identity parade. This week you’ll find red carpet photos from the UK Premiere of ‘The Other Woman’, the cast of Mad Men all dressed up for the season’s premiere, and more. Who’ll be the best dressed, though? Let’s find out…

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