Kelly Brook all the way! …

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Kelly Brook all the way!

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Shoe porn: Valentino studded leather and lace pumps

Designer on a Budget: Polka dot shift dresses by Marc Jacobs and Zara
3/4 sleeves look so good with 60s-ish mod-ish style dresses. Plus, they’re super flattering and slimming, which can only be better than the cap sleeves!
On the model, the boat neck looks really nice, but unfortunatly, they don’t seem to suit my less than well-endowed chest and sharp chin!
Overall, if given the choice, I’d go for the Zara version, mainly because the one-to-wear-once nature of the dress makes it totally unjustifiable- unlike classic designer jeans, pumps, blouses, blazers and LBDs!

Style on Trial: Aqua Cut-Out Cuckoo Dress
I love the top-section, and the cut-outs are not the worst I have seen. It’s pretty unusual, but not in a really ugly way. It’s also a blessing that it doesn’t look like a wedding dress!

Ugly Dresses: The Armpit Dress

Beyonce Hosts Launch Of “2BHAPPY” Jewelry Collection
As in, when was her last hit single? I’m proud of her actually.

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