Best (and Worst) Dressed of the Week: Who was the most stylish celebrity?

We thought we’d do something a little different with this week’s celebrity fashion roundup, and have you vote on the most stylish outfit of the week just gone.

Now, in doing this, we want to stress that we’ve not gone to any particular effort to select what we think were the best outfits of the week, here: in fact, we’re just going to show you them all, and by asking you to vote for your favourite, we’ll also be able to arrive at a conclusion on who your least favourite was, too.

You’ll find a poll under the jump, but we’re going to be mean and keep the results to ourselves until Monday, when you can check back to find out who the winner is. Have fun!

Remember: vote only for the best dressed celebrity! The worst dressed will, by default, be the person with the least votes. Feel free to drop us a comment, too, to tell us what you think of the various outfits!

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