Actually, just to add to this… I wrote this review …

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Actually, just to add to this… I wrote this review last night, and when I used Faux Cils this morning it actually looked a lot better than any of the three previous times. Now I feel like an ass.

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Beauty Product Review: Yves St.Laurent Faux Cils Mascara
Hey Winona 🙂
I have indeed tried Diorshow (bit of a mascra whore, here), and must have read the same reviews as you because I expected big things from it, but it all eneded up a bit like the Faux Cils experience, I’m afraid. I actually liked it better than the YSL – less spiky – but the brush is still too clumsy for me. I try everything, but I always end up going back to good ol’ Lancome for mascara – definitely the best I can recommend!

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