The Dress Like a Toddler Trend Returns: Barbie Girl

Barbie tracksuit

You know, we would absolutely LOVE this outfit…. if we were five years old. And if it was 1982.

Given that we’re adults, though, and it’s 2012, we have to ask ourselves why we’re logging onto and entering straight into some kind of strange alternate universe in which it’s acceptable for grown women to wear Barbie tracksuits, the likes of which their five-year-old nieces would probably dismiss as a little bit too 80s…

We feel like if we were to somehow come round to the idea of wearing this, everything would be different. We would no longer fight crimes of fashion, for instance: we’d be too busy braiding each other’s hair and discussing which My Little Pony is the best.*

Do you think you could pull off the toddler look? Do you WANT to? Then click here to buy the whole outfit at ASOS….


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